How to STOP Being Hacked!

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How to STOP Being Hacked!

August 9, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I was asked this recently:

There are some super firewall appliances (appliance = a computer in a box, with fixed programming, running that programming and being unchangeable except for updates). The problem with any firewall, even an appliance, is that some ports have to be left open for the device to be Internet enabled (able to be accessed or access the Internet).. So this is only a portion of the answer.

What can you do????

1) If you have any computers running windows 10, and you can down grade to 7 or 8.1, you should.. Windows 10 is designed to collect personal information.. It’s not leaky, it has HOLES drilled in it..

2) All your devices have administration passwords.. Some, like the repeater are hidden unless you know how to go around the normal login like I did.. You must find the login, login and change the default passwords.. Same as I did on the router and repeaters, anything I touched.. seemed slow but that’s part of what I’m thinking about that slows me down a bit when I’m working.

3) Update!!!! All manufactures get complaints about their IoT crap getting hacked, and they make available for download and quick update all the bios updates.. Again, like I did to your router, I updated it’s firmware..

4) businesses that are freaked about security Also do this:

A) Use smart switches to limit each connections capability (outside of this \/)
B) Set the router time tables, times certain computers (based on mac address) can or can not access the network.
C) Set in the table of limitation which websites can NOT be visited by all users.. Facebook is one of the hardest sites to block, they have created a multitude of domain names to redirect and proxy sites are available for allowing users to by pass router limitations..

Greatest forms of protection are:
1) Not opening attachments you haven’t verified are from recipients you know having sent them to you.
2) Not using Outlook for email, use Thunderbird or another known email app.
3) Not using Internet Explorer or Edge.. Use Firefox or chrome (chrome being best)

Most hacking is done by Trojan; Kids games, free games, music especially music sharing websites/programs. Next are website exploits and Trend Micro is excellent at website exploit detection.

There is more but I’ve worn my fingers out lol…



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