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Organic SEO Search and Organic SEO Rank what’s the difference and which one does my website need?

Organic SEO Search: The study of terms to determine what people are searching for.

Organic SEO Rank: Making adjustments to a website to Rank well in Google and other search engines.

Everyone knows, if you rank well in Google, your site will come up on top and be easy to find when someone is searching. But, is this really true? What if I’m searching for the wrong thing, or I don’t know what to search for, how am I going to find the site I’m wanting to find, especially when I don’t know what it is I want, well I have an idea, just not exactly what it is right. And I don’t have a name for your item, because I don’t know about it yet. Your product for instance, is it unique, will it solve a problem I know or don’t know I have yet? So is ranking on the top of Google really going to help you? Is ranking on the top of Google going to help me buy your product?

So here is the problem you did not know you have; You have got to figure out what I’m searching for to find your site and be happy I found it, and buy your product or service! This is called Organic SEO Search. Getting to the top of Google is essential, no debate, but let me explain how not having proper Organic SEO Search is killing your Organic SEO Rank! Let’s say I’m having a party for my daughters birthday and I’ve decided to have it at a skate rink. Now I send out the invitations and I include the time. That evening, my daughter is really upset with me, there are NO Party Participants! Why didn’t anyone show up, you are correct, I failed to tell them where the party was. In Google rank, it’s like mountain peaks, if you go to one peak and your customers are looking for you on another peak, they are NOT going to find you! You want to send out an invitation, come find me here, but paid ads on facebook don’t work, paid rank on Google is expensive (not efficient either) and direct email does not make anyone happy (they even call it Spam! Yuk spam isn’t kosher). I think some people like spam, I don’t. So knowing where to find YOUR client, and be there when they come LOOKING for your product would be wiser? That’s Organic SEO Search, so essentially, you want both, you need both, Organic SEO Search followed by Organic SEO Rank.